What Time Of The Day Does Adwords Deliver The Best Results?

by andrew

[00:06] Hello everyone! Are you investing in Google Adwords? Would you like to know what’s specific time of the day creates your leads, your sales, or drives people into your offline premises? You might be a vet, a private hospital, or a retail pharmacy. Whichever type of business you are, this is absolutely possible. And you must know, what time of the day gives you the best return on investment. The other question is,

[00:30] how do you actually know what time of day to set an ad schedule in? So I’m going to give you the answer in this short video. Let’s start with setting up the ad scheduling inside of Google Adwords. So click on the campaign, and you go to settings and then you set up the ad schedule here. Click on plus custom schedule, and you have the choice of which days of the week to actually choose. Monday to Friday, Sunday, Saturday, and it’s flexible

[01:00] up to 15 minutes past the hour, 30 minutes past the hour, etc. And then you’ll be able to see, broken down the cost per click, the conversions, etc. at the specific time of the day that works for your business the best. So let me show you inside of Google Analytics now exactly how this works. So this is how you find, it’s the hours of day, you have to link your Google Adwords campaign with your Google Analytics, otherwise this would

[01:30] never work. But you can see now, the different time of the day for this example account. And across the top you have got unique sessions, new sessions, new users, that’s what it means. The bounce rate,- when they go to the website, they don’t click on any links and they leave – the average bounce rate for your information is around 40%, so anything less than that is pretty good. Anything more than that is not good unless there is a real good exceptional reason.

[02:00] So how many pages do they visit, what’s the time duration, do they actually contact you if you got that as a goal and you have to set that up in Google Adwords as well as Google Analytics?

So you can also put a value to this. So overall, in this example you can see that this particular client got one conversion in this period of time at 11 am in the morning and 2 conversions between 2 and 3 0’clock in the afternoon. So, what do you think that they were focusing on, if this continues to be a trend?

[02:30] You can’t just do this for over a month of course. But over a course of a month, maybe 2 months, you certainly get a much better picture. And therefore you’re absolutely targeting where your investment goes.

So I hope that’s helpful. If you got any questions, contact us at andrewredwards.com/contact We’d love you to obviously talk to us, ask us any challenging questions you have about Google Adwords Management

[03:00] or Google Analytics.Thanks for watching, and we’ll speak to you soon.

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