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by andrew


Hello Everyone!

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and absolutely gives an amazing opportunity for so many businesses today to get more sales whether you are an e-commerce, whether you want more people into your offline premises, whether you’re a vet, a retail pharmacy, a private hospital or any other type of business, or whether you want more phone calls and email inquiries.


How Playlists will Truly Take Your Marketing to Another Level

In this short video, I’m going to show you something called playlists, which assuming that you’ve got more than one video, will truly take your marketing to another level. So let’s take a look. So here you are looking at a playlist inside of our own YouTube channel and it simply means when you add more than one video to a specific category and you name it, in this case its Google AdWords.

And so what does the actual public see when they see a playlist? It’s just a series of videos that you can see on the screen here which they can scroll up and down and choose which one to view. So of course you must describe the headlines in a compelling way. But inside the actual YouTube channel, you have a choice of which video to show at the top first and then which one at the bottom and then you can move this around manually, as you can see here. So most importantly to me, you can share the URL of the playlist.


Will You Dismiss Your Opportunities?

So instead of just sending people a link to one video, why not send them the link to all the videos in one go which maximizes your marketing opportunity. The one thing I can say after 10 years plus of internet marketing is not to dismiss opportunities, even if you don’t think that YouTube is relevant to you. Even if you think your target market is not there, or that you’re not likely to create videos.

I can assure you, if you go to YouTube, put in keyword phrases that is relevant to your business that people search on, you’ll be truly shocked in many cases of how many videos are there relevant to you and I would truly say that e commerce sales are improved by YouTube, as well as driving people into office premises, as well as getting more phone calls and email inquiries.

So if you got any questions about YouTube strategies, creation of marketing videos, please contact us at Thanks for watching and we’ll speak to you soon.



[00:07] YouTube gives an amazing chance to get more sales

[01:48] Playlist maximizes your marketing opportunities on YouTube

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