Why Could You Have a High PPC Bounce Rate

by andrew


Hello Everyone!
As part of our regular internet marketing coaching program, I get asked a variety of different questions. One of those is about paid advertising, pay per click, so you only pay when someone visits your site. It’s highly targeted, if you set it up professionally.


Have a Bounce Rate You Can Be Proud Of
So the question is, sometimes why is the bounce rate of the site, inside of Google Analytics, high, an average of 40%, anything more than that is definitely not good, unless there’s an exceptional reason, and anything less than that can be very positive.

So why would they just leave? Many reasons. First, inside of Google AdWords, if we take that as an example, the standard default for setting up the campaign is what’s known as broad match and that to use a phrase is throw as much mud against the wall as possible and hope something sticks.

Now, it’s up to you what you do, but we’ve been managing Google AdWords campaigns for over ten years now, and I can safely say that’s not where we start.


If You Don’t Create Separate Landing Pages, Your Visitors will Leave
However, I think the other point is to create separate landing pages for your main keyword phrases. Yes, that’s separate landing pages with professional marketing copy. It doesn’t have to be every page, but unless you match the expectations of the user, when they search it on Google, they’re looking to solve a problem, they’re looking for a solution, then you’re going to fail because people will just leave.

How many times have you been on Google, you visited a site, having searched, and then you just say, “Wow, that’s nothing compared with what I actually put into Google.” Google works very hard to make sure that doesn’t happen, however it’s your responsibility as a business, or our responsibility as a Google AdWords management company to advise you and to make sure that they get the best user experience.

If you’ve got any questions about Google Analytics, integrated marketing communications and Google AdWords and getting more people into your offline premises, whether you’re a vet, a retail pharmacy, a private hospital or any other type of business, or want more phone calls and email inquiries, or more e-commerce sales, please contact us at andrewredwards.com/contact. Thanks for watching and we’ll speak to you soon.



[00:23] What is the standard Bounce Rate Score?

[00:40] Why people leave on the first page of your site?

[01:06] How to match the expectations of your site’s visitors

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