Functional Or Pretty Mobile Websites? Best Results?

by andrew

[00:06] Hello everyone! Do you have an ecommerce store? Is it mobile friendly? Have you tested the design, the navigation to see what actually gets you the best results. I’m gonna show you the real life test now that on the left focuses specifically on the accordion navigation, and a real focus to help people search for the product they wanted. On the right, is a

[00:30] very visually appealing design. Clearly focusing on the products that was updated from time to time. It has the price, has a very nice call to action button. And this would be typically what you would expect a web developer to create.

So what actually got the best unique action rates, in terms of search? Let’s take a look! It was actually version A. With the accordion navigation and the focus

[01:00] on the search helping the visitors. And so, this was very-very productive, you got a 48.69% increase in unique action rates. It did lead to a decrease in product pages unique action rates, however the whole objective of this exercise was to help the visitors find exactly what they were looking for. That’s why there would be a decrease in the product page unique action rates. So,

[01:30] what’s the take away from this? It’s not always what looks pretty, it’s what is functional. But helps you visitors clearly find their products that they’re looking for quickly, cause that helps your sales. So I hope that’s interesting. If you got any questions, contact us at

Thanks for watching, and if you need any help at integrated marketing services & strategies, lead generation or mobile websites/desktop creation, and Google Analytics – Website Conversions Analysis,

[02:00] obviously we would be happy to talk to you. Thanks for watching, and we’ll speak to you soon.

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