New v Returning Visitors, Which Creates More Profits?

by andrew


Hello Everyone!

How would you like to know where to focus your time and your investment of your marketing to actually get better results, whether that’s more sales for your e-commerce store, more people into your offline premises, and you’re a vet, a retail pharmacy, a private hospital, or any other type of business, or whether you want more phone calls and email inquiries?

Google Analytics actually gives you a breakdown of where to focus, in terms of the returning visitors and new visitors, by sale, by user behavior. So in this short video I’m going to show you the importance of focusing, potentially more on your returning visitors, producing great content, looking at the user experience to keep them on the site and keep them coming back, because it can make a huge difference to your sales, as well as mobile. So let’s take a look.


If You Don’t Watch Your Visitors Behavior Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

So you’re looking at the dashboard of new and returning visitors inside of Google Analytics. So what are the key points to take away from this? First, let’s look at the new visitors. So all users are 76% of total users and 77% from mobile. And then returning visitors at 23.76% and 22.99% from mobile. So keep that in your head just for a moment while we look across the screen.

So the first thing to look at after this is the bounce rate. So it’s a little lower for all users on returning visitors, but then look at the pages per session, how long do they actually spend on the site? So much longer, 5.2 pages and 4, 3.8, and 3.18. And so this indicates the returning visitors are higher quality, which will be confirmed as we continue to look at the rest of this information.


What Everybody Ought to Know About the Importance of Ongoing Marketing

So again, the actual time on site is much longer for returning visitors and then they vary significantly, look at the percentage of the revenue 56% and 59% for returning visitors, bearing in mind, that they actually were a significantly smaller amount of total visitors, and then of course the conversion rate, the most important, absolutely dominating the new visitor.

So if you needed any convincing, which you shouldn’t, that you need to focus on getting people coming back to your site, reading your content, using remarketing, and other forms of ways to build that relationship with your potential customers, as well as your current clients.

Now, this could be different for your business, not every business is the same. However, it really does confirm the importance of ongoing marketing.

If you’ve got any questions about Google Analytics and how to improve your website conversions to get more e-commerce sales, more people into your offline premises, and more phone calls and email inquiries, please contact us at We would be happy to talk to you about our Integrated Marketing Services, creation of desktop and mobile websites, as well as advanced split testing and understanding your website user behavior. Thanks for watching and we’ll speak to you soon.


[00:35] Looking at the user experience will make a huge difference to your sales
[01:24] Bounce rate vs pages per session, which one indicates quality?
[02:21] What we need to focus on to gain more profits

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